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21 Ocak 2022 Cuma
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Modern Dance of Turkey Comes to US
Yollandigi tarih: Cuma, Eylül 13 @ 13:53:17 PDT
Konu:: Goruldunuz!
Goruldunuz!ATAA and ATA-DC
Proudly Announces..
A Cross-cultural Fusion of Artistic Thought (September 14-October 5)

Modern Dance Turkey joins the Massachusetts-based Chimaera Physical Theater for the premiere American tour of the SILICON DANCE PROJECT

THE SILICON DANCE PROJECT is a collaboration between Turkey's State Opera Modern Dance Company - the only state supported modern dance company in the Islamic world - and Chimaera Physical Theater.

This tour marks Modern Dance Turkey's premiere in the Northeast United States! Known and highly acclaimed throughout Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the former Soviet Republic, MODERN DANCE TURKEY FINALLY COMES TO THE NORTHEAST UNITED STATES!

How it came about
September 11 left one of it's the gravest marks in the Turkish hearts in Turkey. The hearts of the state ballet performers in Turkey were no exception. A group of them immediately went to the American Embassy, visited the American Ambassador Robert Pearson and offered their deep sympathies. Not but two weeks later, the ambassador returned the gesture with a visit of his own. During the visit, it was decided that closer cultural ties between the two old allies was a must. Having hosted the Chimaera Dance Theater dancers from Massachusetts only the year before, The Devlet Balesi dancers set out to prepare tour of US in 2002.

When it was brought to our attention that additional funds would be needed for realization of this project, with great pleasure, first ATAA (Assembly of Turkish American Associations) in Washington, DC, then ATA-DC came through with additional sponsorships.

This project is also made possible in part by the support from, Eileen Fisher Sores, The US Embassy/Turkey, the Northampton Arts Council as administered by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Ankara State Opera and Ballet, and the Austin Arts Center at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

These nine dancer/choreographers have joined together to present their brightly physical, emotionally potent new work. This project marks a leap in the developing modern dance field in Turkey, as it is the first time for the Turkish State modern dance company to join a foreign company for an international artistic collaboration and touring project.

For their premiere tour, the Silicon Dance Project will perform ROOM. The pieces all tether to the metaphors of rooms we live in, rooms that define us, the room we have in our hearts, the room inside the womb, the room in life to live and love fully. The choreography creates rooms that are cold, painful, difficult to enter - and rooms that are warm, inviting, and ultimately inspire us to become our highest selves.

On the evening will be four works. Rooms, created jointly by Alpaslan Karaduman (Turkey), Burge Ozturk (Turkey) and Mollye Maxner (America), is a brashly physical piece delving into how we shape our rooms and how are rooms shape us. Heart Please Don't Attack Me is a solo choreographed and performed by Kelly Parsley (America). It is a story about a man mastering his addictions. The Dark Room by Mollye Maxner and Mikal Evans (America) tells the story of the astounding power of forgiveness. The evening closes with Chimaera Physical Theater's internationally acclaimed The Living Room, choreographed by Mollye Maxner and Kelly Parsley. This piece is a detailed and passionate story about two people striving to achieve their dreams. Told through a dynamic, and emotionally charged physical language, The Living Room takes you through the lives of these two charismatic characters, compressing and expanding time, and stabbing to the heart of its central question: do you dare to deeply love another person?

Collectively CHIMAERA PHYSICAL THEATER and MODERN DANCE TURKEY have performed throughout Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Taiwan, Korea, and the Former Soviet Republic. Their three-week premiere American tour includes St. Mark's Church (New York City) as part of the DANCE:Access series, Theater Alliance (Washington DC), Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage (Washington DC), Austin Arts Center (Trinity College, CT), Northampton Center for the Arts, and Martha's Vineyard.

Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage 6pm - FREE

H Street Playhouse 8pm for Tickets call 1 800 494 8497

Washington DC - (for 9/30 and 10/1) - (9/29 is at a different theater and is free - it is not the whole show, but a pre show) tickets $20

Reservations 1 800 494 8497


DC'deki performance icin:

Sunday, September 29, 2002
Silicon Dance Project
The Silicon Dance Project is a collaboration between Massachusetts-based Chimaera Physical Theater and The Ankara State Opera's Modern Dance Turkey.
These eight dancers/choreographers present two brashly physical, emotionally potent new works.

Not: DC'deki performance icin:

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